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      Everyone has their own reason for wanting to get a pet. For some, it may be "exotic fish", "birds", or even "cats". For me, I've always said to myself: "if I ever owned a house I would buy a dog".. Guess what? That's exactly what I did.  My reasoning is well thought out, it makes good sense and is perfectly valid. Having the companionship of a dog to help manage stress levels, is a good thing. Especially when coming home from a hard days work. The joy I have when I open the door, here comes this "wagging tail" beast racing towards me. I could have been the world's most "notorious serial killer", yet to my dog's eyes, he's just simply happy to see me....
  There are so many good reasons for owning a dog, however, some people reasons may not be so thoughtful. Many people will buy a dog simply because it looks cute, with no consideration of the long term implications. While owning a dog is a large responsibility and enormous commitment, the time, effort and hard work which goes into dog ownership is well worth the effort.

Without further to do, allow me to introduce "the star"  of this show, the one and only, POOKY!!


They say that a photo is worth a "thousand words". But what exactly does this mean? It refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image or that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does. Just click on each thumbnail to get a better view. (more to come)


  • 03-25-06_Pooky
  • 16 2011 Pooky
  • pooky chillin
  • Just Me And My Dog 2


The videos are comprised of (more to come)


The neighborhood

The neighbohood is comprised of many family members, friends, and associates that take pride in sharing their experience in dog ownership. (more to come)...

note: If you would like to share a photo showing "you with your pet", please email me at: wprentice1961@optonline.net . Also, remember to sign my Guestbook.


  • Marlon & Ozzy
  • Diane & Cabo
  • Kevin & Max
  • Rachel & Nokyo


My dog's name is "Pooky"
  Breed of Dog: Puggle (half beagle and pug)
  Born: 03-25-06
  Sex: Male
  Color: Fawn
  ID# n/a
  Sire: Big Jo-Jo
  Dam: U R Frith
  Breeder: n/a
  State: KS
  Date of Arrival (NY): 06-07-06
  Date of Purchase: 06-11-06
  Price: $1000

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